About Us

Our Company is the exclusive distributor for many
premium brands of products, & we serve the entire country of Belize


MADISCO grew out of the sales arm of Caribbean Tobacco Company which had a route sales system that was selling cigarettes across the country of Belize. The idea was to offer more to the existing customer base. Today, MADISCO with an experienced, professional sales team is the exclusive distributor of cigarettes and several food and beverage lines of products; three distribution centers and a fleet of vehicles covering the entire country of Belize.


MADISCO is a member of the Roe Group of Companies, one of Belize’s oldest and most respected business groups. Included in the group are; RF&G Insurance Ltd., Belize’s largest general insurance services provider and its sister RF&G Life Insurance;  Belize Diesel & Equipment Co. Ltd, representing Toyota, Daihatsu, and other impressive lines; JMA Motors Ltd. Hyundai, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Land Rover;  The Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Sun Breeze Hotel, Sun Breeze Suites and Hidden Valley Inn in the tourism sector; San Miguel Farm, Hummingbird Citrus, in the agricultural sector; MIL a Real Estate Company, BACC the company that operates Belize’s international airport; MicRoe a financial institution and FEL a company that provides vehicle leases; and Homeland Memorial Cemetery.

MADISCO is the exclusive distributor for the products of British American Tobacco (BAT), SYSCO, Southeast Wholesale Foods, Ameri Foods, Monin Syrups, Drummond, Aesan Corp, J Mitra, Dade Towels, LASCO, Kimberly Clark Professional products, Sigmatex Lanier, GoGo Holdings, JF Mills, Global Foods, We also sell products from other local distributors such as Femagra, Sunshine Products, Green Clean, Caribbean Paper and local commodities such as rice, sugar, beans and flour.


We also carry a wide variety of Chilean, French, Argentinian, Californian, Australian wines and many whiskies, vodkas, tequilas, rums, liqueurs and gins.


Our distribution system reaches wholesalers, supermarkets, large, medium and small shops, institutions, hotels, bars and restaurants as well as individuals countrywide.

MADISCO also offers special order services for products that may not be readily available to you.


1. We provide superior Products, superior customer service and superior value.

2. We can get you what you want! We have a large selection of products in stock in our 21,000 sq. ft. facilities in Belize City, Belmopan City and San Pedro Town; but when needed, we have access to some of the largest food service distributors globally.

3. We have a facility near you, but we also have a fleet of trucks that covers the entire country of Belize.

4. Our sales team visits their assigned customers on a weekly basis to ensure that all customer needs are met.


We stock a large selection of food and non-food products suited for wholesalers, supermarkets, large, medium and small shops, institutions, hotels, bars and restaurants as well as individuals countrywide.


Our products are stored and handled using the First In First Out Method. Our warehouses guarantee quality of your product is safe, updated and shipped to you in perfect condition.

MADISCO Makes your life easier!